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Danish Blue Cheese

Danish Blue Cheese is made from cow's milk. It is aged a minimum of 60 days, then stored up to 10 months at 35 to 38 F (1 to 3 C.) It comes in creamy-white coloured wheels with blue green veins and unevenly spaced holes.

The cheese is creamy and spreadable. It can also be roughly sliced and crumbled. It melts nicely on toast or in sauces, and blends in well in salad dressings or dips. On its own, it is good with red wine, fruit and dark breads.

Milder than Roquefort and Stilton, some people feel that Danish Blue can be a good way to introduce picky eaters to blue cheeses before you coax them onto stronger blues such as Stilton. Mind you, when people have decided they ain't eating any kind of mouldy cheese, they are usually quite definite about it.


Other Blue Cheeses


1 cup, crumbled = 1/4 pound = 115g

Blue Cheeses

Beenleigh Blue Cheese; Blackstick's Velvet Cheese; Bleu Bénédictin Cheese; Bleu d'Auvergne; Bleu d'Causses; Bleu de Basque; Bleu de Bresse; Bleu de Gex; Bleu de Termignon; Blue Cheese; Blue Wensleydale; Buffalo Blue Cheese; Buxton Blue Cheese; Byland Blue Cheese; Cabrales Blue Cheese; Cambozola Cheese; Canterbury Blue Cheese; Caradon Blue Cheese; Cashel Blue Cheese; Colston Bassett Stilton Cheese; Cornish Blue Cheese; Crème de Saint Agur Cheese; Danish Blue Cheese; Devon Blue Cheese; Dolcelatte; Dorset Blue Vinney; Dunsyre Blue Cheese; Ermite Cheese; Exmoor Blue Cheese; Fourme d'Ambert Cheese; Fourme de Montbrison Cheese; Gorgonzola Cheese; Guler Cheese; Harbourne Blue Cheese; Jindi Deluxe Blue Cheese; Lanark Blue Cheese; Lancashire Blue Cheese; Maytag Blue Cheese; Mrs Bells Blue Cheese; Oxford Blue Cheese; Penicillium Glaucum; Penicillium Roqueforti; Point Reyes Blue Cheese; Roaring Forties Blue Cheese; Roquefort Cheese; Saint Agur Cheese; Shropshire Blue; Somerset Blue Cheese; Stilton; Strathdon Blue Cheese; Troo Bloo You Cheese; Valdeón Cheese

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