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Dendê Oil

Dendê Oil is a thick, dark, reddish-orange, strong-flavoured oil extracted from the pulp of a fruit from a type of palm tree grown in Africa and in Brazil.

It is used in cooking in West Africa and in Brazil, particularly in Bahia.

African versions are much heavier than Brazilian versions.

It has a flavour that is vital in West African and Brazilian dishes.

It is not the same as palm kernel oil.

Cooking Tips

Heat the pan first before you put the oil in. This will help avoid burning the oil by cooking it too long.


Peanut oil coloured with annatto oil, or half West African palm oil, half vegetable oil.


78% saturated fat.

Language Notes

The word "Dendê" comes from the "African oil palm" (scientific name: Elaeis guineensis, Jacq) that Brazilians call "dendê."


Argan Oil; Avocado Oil; Coconut Oil; Dendê Oil; Frying Oil; Lemon Oil; Marseille Butter; Oil; Olive Juice; Olive Oil; Orange Oil; Palm Oil; Refined Oils; Smoking Point; Truffle Oil; Unrefined Oils; Vegetable Oils

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Also called:

Brazilian Palm Oil; Red Palm Oil; Huile de palme rouge (French)


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