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Devilled Egg Day

Devilled Egg Day

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2 November

With the distraction of Hallowe'en at the end of October, it's easy to overlook how quickly the truly big day creeps up on you: that's right, Devilled Egg Day, on the 2nd of November each year.

Don't feel badly; it catches so many people unprepared for it.

For several decades now, Devilled Eggs have slowly been forgotten in the heady onslaught of Extra Virgin this and guaranteed hand-picked that. Nobody thinks about them anymore. But put out a platter at a party, and just watch people hoover them up.

They were everybody's favourite food. Not so much work that making a batch would throw your whole schedule off, not too fancy as to be show-offy, but just fancy enough, on a bed of lettuce greens and some sprinkles of paprika that they looked special.

Hasn't it been too long since you've had a Devilled Egg? Why not treat yourself today? And while you're at it, CooksInfo.com can answer your questions such as how did they get their name, how long have we been making them, and how on earth do you boil the eggs so that they don't come out blackened or pock-marked?

While you're nibbling on your eggs, raise a toast today to North and South Dakota. On this day in 1889, both states joined the American union.

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