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Dumpling Strainer

Dumpling Strainer

Dumpling Strainer
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A Dumpling Strainer is a tool for lifting a dumpling out of the water it was simmered in.

Dumpling Strainers for Asian dumplings are netted in a parabolic pattern, and usually are attached to a wood handle. They come in various sizes. Some home computer enthusiasts recommend these particular Dumpling Strainers as receivers for wireless connections.

Varied items can be used as make-shift Dumpling Strainers. If you are making very small dumplings, such as the very small Central European ones called variously Nokedli or Galuska, you can use a slotted spoon to fish them out.

You can also use a Dumpling Strainer (or a slotted spoon) to form such dumplings, by pressing the dough through the openings of the strainer or spoon.


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Chinois Strainer; Colander; Dumpling Strainer; Spider Strainers; Straining; Tea Balls; Tea Strainers

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