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Dutch Baby Recipe

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This is a fabulous weekend brunch dish.

Estimated Prep Time: 10 minutes

Estimated Cooking Time: 15 minutes Cooking at: 425 F / 220 C / Gas Mark 7



Calculate the size of pan and the amount of ingredients you need.

Whisk together all the ingredients (an electric blender or electric hand-held mixer is actually ideal here, to introduce a bit of air.)

Start pan heating on the stove top. When it is hot, toss in the required tablespoons of butter (some people like to toss in an additional tablespoon of butter (or two) "for the pan." When the butter is melted and quite hot (don't let it brown, though), swirl it around in the pan to coat the sides, give the batter one last whisk, pour it into the pan, and put the pan in the oven.

Bake until light brown and puffy. For a mixture based on 4 eggs, it will take about 15 minutes. It will be a bit less for smaller pancakes; a bit more for larger ones.

Remove from oven, loosen and slide onto a plate, and serve immediately.

One of the classic ways in which to garnish it is to squeeze a freeze lemon wedge over it, then dust with icing sugar.

Recipe notes

Allow 2 eggs per serving. E.g. for 4 people base it on 8 eggs, and mutiply the above ingredients by 8.

Calculate the size of the pan you need as follows:

2 eggs = 6 inch (15 cm) pan
4 eggs = 9 or 10 inch (23 or 25 cm) pan
6 eggs = 9 or 10 inch (23 or 25 cm) pan
8 eggs = 10 or 12 inch (25 or 30 cm) pan
10 eggs = 14 or 16 inch (35 or 40 cm) pan
12 eggs = 14 or 16 inch (35 or 40 cm) pan

If you wish, you can heat the pan in the oven instead on the stove top. This is something you might particularly want to do if you plan to use a pan that isn't stove-top safe (e.g. a glass pie pan). If you do use something made of glass, make sure the butter is room temperature: very cold butter tossed on superheated glass has been known to crack the glass.)

Some people like to use bread flour rather than all-purpose (aka plain flour), saying they get a better rise. In Canada, however, all-purpose flour would be as good as bread flour.

Some people like to add a dash of vanilla extract and ground cinnamon.

The pancake will start to deflate the moment it leaves the oven; this is normal.

Please share this recipe with your friends. They may love it.


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