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Dutch Crunch Topping

Dutch Crunch Topping is a topping sprinkled on top of desserts or plain breads before baking. It comes out crunchy or crusty.

For desserts, it is made from ingredients such as brown sugar, butter, cinnamon and oats.

Dutch Crunch can be also used as a topping for loaves of bread. The resulting bread is also called Mottled Bread, Pain Marin Tiger or Tiger Crunch.

For bread, Dutch Crunch is a special dough that you place on top of your already risen bread dough before baking, before the final rise.

A typical recipe will call for sugar, yeast, salt, rice flour, oil and warm water. Some recipes add some finely ground dried bread crumbs.

You mix, let sit until the yeast causes the mixture to start to bubble (about 30 minutes), then brush or spread on top of loaves of bread before its final rise, then bake.

If you are making rolls, you can dip them in the mixture.

You can make the mixture thinner or thicker based on how much water you put in.

It has to be hard enough so that it will crack during cooking, but soft enough so that it will not crack too much and fall off in chunks.

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