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Edel de Cléron Cheese

This is a small round of cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. The cheese is aged for about 3 weeks in brine, then wrapped in cloth and then tree bark.

Inside, the cheese gets quite runny, so that you eat it with a spoon. The rind is also edible, with a white mould on it.

Edel de Cléron is similar to Vacherin. It is made by Fromagerie Perrin Cléron in Franche-Comté, the same area as are the Swiss and French Vacherins.

It is quite expensive. The price can go up to $25.00 US a pound / 450g (2004 prices) depending on where you buy it.

History Notes

Edel de Cléron is made by the Fromagerie Perrin Cléron, in Cléron, in Franche-Comté. The dairy was founded in 1965 by Jean Perrin and his wife. When he died, his wife and two sons took over the business, with Jean Luc going to a business school for dairy in Mamirolle. It was Jean Luc who invented the "Edel de Cléron" cheese. It is called "Edel" because of the powdery white covering on the rind, as being remiscent of "Edelweiss".

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Also called:

Edel de Cléron (French)


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