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Egg Day

Egg Day

Egg Day
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3 June

The challenge for today, National Egg Day is to make a meal around eggs. Breakfast if you want, but higher points are awarded to those who make eggs the main course for dinner!

Winlock, in Washington State, holds its Egg Day festival on the third weekend in June. The town crowns an Egg Day Queen (the runner-up becomes Egg Day Princess.)

In America, National Egg Month is in actually in May, sponsored by the American Egg Board.

There's also a World Egg Day in October.

History Notes

Winlock in Washington State had a celebration on 13 August 1921 to celebrate the completion of a highway. As Winlock was on its way to becoming known for its poultry and egg production, which the highway would certainly help in easing shipping, town boosters decided to proclaim that day "Winlock Poultry and Egg Day", to maximize the impact from the international press that the event was no doubt certain to attract. They decided to make it an annual event, though it gradually got shifted forward into June.

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