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Egg Nog Day

Egg Nog Day

Egg Nog Day
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24 December

Nobody really needs a reminder to have Egg Nog at this time of year, but perhaps it's a reminder to Egg Nog lovers to get their fill for the year while you still can procure it easily -- premade at stores.

For those who hate Egg Nog and try to avoid it at Christmas, this is probably a nightmare, realizing that someone has even proclaimed this Egg Nog Day.

But given that Christmas has become for kiddies, maybe it's not such a bad idea to make this a day for the grownups, or at least an evening. After all the rushing around on the 24th is done, the parents can subtly spike their glasses of Egg Nog with a good old glug of something that the kids aren't allowed to have.

A few companies are now making and selling it year round, trying to encourage us to make more days throughout the year into Egg Nog Days.

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