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Egg Pasta

Egg Pasta is a generic term for a pasta that has been made with eggs in it, giving it a pronounced yellowish hue. Egg Pasta is made more in Northern Italy than in the south of Italy.

Egg Pasta cooks up quite soft, so it is not very good for pasta salads where you want a bit of texture.

Some versions, such as that made in Tuscany, add oil to the dough, which makes the dough softer and easier to work with. Other places in Italy, such as Emiglia, don't add oil to the Egg Pasta dough. They feel that without oil, the dough can be more porous, and thus better able to absorb sauces.

Language Notes

In Italian, Egg Pasta is often referred to as "sfoglia". People who make it are "sfloglini" (or "sfogline", if they are women).


Al Dente; Black Pasta; Corn Pasta; Egg Pasta; Fideos; Noodles; Pasta for Baking; Pasta for Salads; Pasta for Sauce; Pasta for Soup; Pasta for Stuffing; Pasta Liscia; Pasta Rigata; Pasta Sauce; Pasta; Semolina; Stuffed Pasta; Whole Wheat Pasta

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Also called:

Pâtes à l'oeuf (French); Eiernudeln (German); Pasta all'uovo, Sfoglia (Italian); Fideos al Huevo, Pasta de huevos (Spanish)


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