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Egg Slicers

Egg Slicer

Egg Slicer
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An Egg Slicer is a two-part device for slicing a peel, boiled egg into thin, uniform slices of egg.

The bottom has a hollow in it, in the shape of an egg, The top is connected to the bottom via a hinge. The top consists of a frame with fine wires running through it.

You put a peeled, hard-boiled egg in the hollow of the bottom, and press the top down. As you do, the wires in the top cut the egg into perfect, even slices.

Others are combo units: one end has the slicer, the other end has a depression that you stand the end of the peeled egg up in, and when you press down, it cuts the egg into wedges.

Models are available made of metal, all-plastic, and of plastic bottoms and metal tops. Many of the metal ones (such as those made of aluminum) may not be dishwasher safe.
Plastic ones not as good for other uses as the metal ones are.

Egg Slicers can also be used to slice peeled kiwi fruit, mushrooms, strawberries or cooked salad and new potatoes (peeled or unpeeled.) Some less-expensive ones may have their wires break when you try to cut mushrooms.

Cooking Tips

To make diced egg, carefully pick the sliced egg up, turn it sideways and press down again.

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