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Egremont Russet Apple

This apple was popular with the Victorians.

Egremont Russet is a small to medium-sized apple with slightly tough, browny-green skin covered by golden russet. The yellow flesh inside is dense and dry.

The apple has a good balance between sweetness and tartness. Its flavour improves after a few weeks in storage.

The tree's pale pink blossoms will tolerate light frosts in the spring. The fruit, though, is prone to some browning known as "bitter pit" which leaves brown marks in the flesh.

Grown in the UK, New Zealand and in America.

Cooking Tips

Best for eating out of hand.

History Notes

First recorded in Britain in 1872.

Language Notes

Its name possibly comes from Lord Egremont, as the apple was cultivated on his estate at Petworth, Sussex.

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