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Electric Frying Pans

Electric Frying Pan

1970s Electric Frying Pan with insert
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Electric Frying Pans are frying pans whose heat source comes from electricity. They are not designed for stove-top use.

They tend to be square. Almost all come with a thermostat, that you take off when you wash the pans.

Older ones had hot and cold spots, because the heating element was just a ring under the bottom.

Some come with high-domed lids so that you can do roasting or baking in them. For baking, put a metal trivet in them, and then your baking pan on top of that.

Lids usually have a vent in them that you can open to let steam out.

Electric Frying Pans are good for simmering and slow cooking, both being cooking methods that allow unattended cooking (for short times, for obvious safety reasons.) Electric Frying Pans will maintain a controlled temperature during this time. They can also be used for braising stews, and some oven-type dishes. You can make spaghetti sauce and fried chicken in them.

Some come with ceramic inserts, letting them act somewhat like a slow-cooker.

Electric Frying Pans are also a popular table tool at parties for keeping food such as Swedish meatballs warm.


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