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Eureka Lemon

Eureka Lemons are one of our most common supermarket lemons.

The tree has fewer thorns than other lemon trees. It will produce a large crop in the spring, and a smaller one in the fall.

The Lemons are rounder than other types of lemons, with slightly rough skin. They are flat at the end where the stem was, and have a small nipple at the opposite end. They are medium-sized lemons with very few seeds. Inside, there will be an average of 10 segments.

They are very juicy and tart.

Eureka Lemons are grown in Australia, California, and Israel.

History Notes

Development started on Eureka Lemons in Los Angeles in 1858 with a seed possibly from the Italian "Lunario" lemon. The seed was planted, and in 1877 budwood was propagated on other lemon tree stock by a man named Thomas Garey who called the lemon 'Garey's Eureka'.


Eureka Lemon; Lemon Butter; Lemon Extract; Lemon Juice; Lemon Oil; Lemon Twists; Lemon Zest; Lemons; Lisbon Lemon; Meyer Lemon; Sfusato Lemons

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