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Extracts are flavourings used for cooking. The flavour is extracted from an item, such as a vanilla pod or a nut, by soaking the item in alcohol and then distilling the alcohol. Some extracts can also be made by evaporation.

Extracts can also now be made artificially. Foodies love to poo-poo these, but ignore them. Use what you can afford. Besides, if everyone wanted only real vanilla extract, the price would go so sky-high that foodies wouldn't be able to afford it, either.

Some extracts are also used in folk medicine.

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Almond Extract; Anchovy Extract; Brandy Extract; Extracts; Lemon Extract; Orange Extract; Screw Pine Essence; Screw Pine Water; Vanilla Extract

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Also called:

Essences; Essence (French); Esencia (Spanish); EssĂȘncia (Portuguese)


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