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Fairchild Tangerines

Fairchild Tangerines are a hybrid between an Orlando Tangelo and a Clementine.

They are a medium-sized citrus fruit with dark orange skin that peels easily. The skin can be a bit rough-textured at times.

Inside, the fruit is a bright orange with many seeds.

The tree is mostly thornless. The fruit ripens early.

History Notes

Fairchild Tangerines were developed by a JR Furr in California for growth in the semi-desert areas of California and Arizona. They were released commercially in 1964.

Mandarin Oranges

Clementine Orange; Dancy Tangerines; Fairchild Tangerines; Kinnow Mandarins; Mandarin Oranges; Mikan Oranges; Rangpur Limes; Satsuma Oranges; Sunburst Oranges; Tangerines

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