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Fannie Farmer Cookbook

7 January

The 7th of January has been designated -- by sources unknown -- as the day to commemorate the publication in 1896 of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook.

Written by Fannie Merritt Farmer, the cookbook would remain the definitive cookbook in the American kitchen until the Joy of Cooking started to displace it in the 1940s.

A cooking school teacher, Farmer even taught her readers how she wanted her measurements done.

She covered the basics -- from white sauce to Sauce Béarnaise -- in a simple, no-nonsense manner.

A single woman who never married, she was a feisty redhead who overcame partial paralysis as a teenager to become successful professionally and financially.

Mostly forgotten now except by food historians, her accomplishments still influence American cooking every day. Take a moment today to read about her life.


‡ CooksInfo.com has been unable to determine if 7 January 1896 was perhaps the actual day of first sale.

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