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Farmer's Cheese

Farmer's Cheese can be thought of as a cottage cheese from which most of the moisture has been drained so that the cheese becomes quite dry, and which has then been pressed into a firm loaf shape. There is no rind on the cheese; the cheese's colour will be pale yellow or orangey.

It has a very mild clean flavour with just a slight tang. Sometimes you can buy versions that are flavoured with herbs or spices.

Farmer's Cheese is North American. It is not the same as "Farmhouse Cheese."

Sometimes, people use the word "Farmer's Cheese" to refer dry-curd cottage cheese. You have to try to guess what your recipe means.

Cooking Tips

Some Farmer's Cheeses will slice and shred, others will crumble. Some people like to eat as is or in sandwiches, though it really doesn't have much flavour of its own. Generally, though, it is used in cooking.


Dry-curd cottage cheese, well-drained cottage cheese, Monterey Jack, Muenster.

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