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Fiano Grapes

The Fiano Grape, grown in Campania, Italy is said by its growers to be a very old Roman variety, the ones that the Romans called "apianus" (meaning loved by bees.) Others aren't sure if this was the exact grape of this name.

The grape was almost extinct but was brought back from the brink by Antonio and Walter Mastroberardino in the mid 1900s who gathered and cultivated cuttings from the few examples still extant then.

It is used to produce white wines.


Concord Grapes; Fiano Grapes; Grape Juice; Grapeseed Oil; Grapes; Malvasia Grapes; Monukka Grapes; Muscat Grapes; Raisins; Tokay Grapes; Verjuice; Xinomavro Grapes; Zinfandel Grapes

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Also called:

Apianus (Roman)


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