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Flan Pans

A Flan Pan is a round, shallow cake pan, whose bottom is raised in the centre, causing the cake when turned out of the pan inverted to have a plateau in the middle with raised edges around it.

In Germany, the pan is called an "Obsttortenform", ("fruit cake form"), because the flans there are almost always topped with fruit. It's also called in German "Tortenboden" (meaning "cake bottom.")

They can be made of tin, steel or non-stick covered metal. They range in width anywhere from 8 to 14 inches (20 to 35 cm.) The sides are almost always fluted.

Flan Pans are similar to a Mary Ann Pan but shallower; a Mary Ann Pan may have a fluted or straight edge.

Cooking Tips

Grease non-stick ones before using (sic).

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Also called:

Obsttortenform, Tortenboden (German)


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