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Flour Duster

A Flour Duster is a tool for sprinkling flour. You can use it to dust surfaces for rolling pastry or kneading dough, dust breads, or dust baking pans.

It is a set of thick coiled stainless steel wires attached to a steel handle. It will be 9 inches (23 cm) long altogether.

Pressing the handle opens the coils in half. You scoop up flour in the opened coils, then release the handle to bring the two sets of coils back together again. A spring keeps them both closed together.

You then hold the duster over the surface you want to dust, and press the handles slowly to start releasing the flour in it.

You can also use a Flour Duster for sprinkling cocoa, sugar, spices such as cinnamon, fine dried bread crumbs, cornmeal, ground nuts, candy sprinkles, etc.

It is useful when using a paper stencil on the top of a cake.

A similar item, a Flour Dredger, is designed to release a heavier coating of flour.

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