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  • Catherine de Medici
    Catherine de MediciCatherine de Medici is credited with introducing many food innovations to France. She's said to have taught the French how to eat with a fork, and introduced foods and dishes such as artichokes, aspics, baby peas, broccoli, cakes, candied vegetables, cream puffs, custards, ices, lettuce, milk-fed veal, melon seeds, parsley, pasta, puff pastry, quenelles, scallopine, sherbet, spinach, sweetbreads, truffles and zabaglione.
  • Catherine Emily Callbeck Dalgairns
    Catherine Emily Callbeck DalgairnsCatherine Emily Callbeck Dalgairns wrote The Practice of Cookery Adapted to the Business of Every-day Life. It was published in 1829, and republished up until 1860.
  • César Ritz
    César RitzCésar Ritz was the first, great modern hotelier. He created the concept of the grand hotel, which turned out to also be the perfect stage for the grande cuisine being created by his business partner, Auguste Escoffier.
  • Charles Elmé Francatelli
    Charles Elmé FrancatelliDespite his name and his French training, Charles Elmé Francatelli was English by nationality. He wrote several important cookbooks, and held in succession three of the most prestigious cooking positions in England at the time.
  • Charles E. Hires
    Charles E. HiresCharles E. Hires was the first person to brew root beer commercially, though he didn't invent root beer -- everyone had a home recipe for it.
  • Charles Mason Hovey
    Charles Mason HoveyCharles Mason Hovey was born 26 October 1810, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is known today for his plant breeding and promotion, particularly with strawberries.
  • Charles Ranhofer
    Charles RanhoferCharles Ranhofer was chef at the famous Delmonico's Restaurant in New York, and author of a popular cookbook titled The Epicurean. Chronology of his life 1836 -- Charles was born in St-Denis, France.
  • Clarissa Dickson Wright
    Clarissa Dickson WrightClarissa Dickson Wright (24 June 1947 – 15 March 2014) gained overnight fame as one of the two principals on the TV series called Two Fat Ladies. Besides being a TV personality, she was also a food historian, a scholar and an archivist.
  • Clementine Paddleford
    Clementine PaddlefordClementine Haskin Paddleford (27 September 1898 - 13 November 1967) was an American food writer and editor. She pioneered the way for writing about food as an interesting, fun topic in itself.
  • Constance Spry
    Biography iconConstance Spry lived from 5 December 1886 - 3 January 1960. She was an English food writer, and flower-arranger.
  • Crosse & Blackwell
    Biography iconCrosse & Blackwell is the brand name of a well-known British line of foodstuffs. The business was actually founded in 1706 as the West and Wyatt grocery business, which made and sold among other things condiments and pickles during the 1700s.
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