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  • Egon Ronay
    Biography iconEgon Ronay (1916 to 2010) was one of the world's most famous restaurant reviewers, and publisher of a series of restaurants guides that spanned 40 years. Many of the guides had sponsors, though the sponsors were all unrelated to the hotel and food industry, and Ronay would not accept advertisements from hotels or restaurants.
  • Elena Molokhovets
    Biography iconElena Ivanovna Molokhovets is Russia's equivalent to America's Fannie Farmer and Britain's Mrs Beeton. Elena was born in 1831.
  • Eliza Acton
    Eliza ActonEliza Acton was born 17th April 1799 in Battle, East Sussex, England; she died 13 February 1859 in Hampstead, England (now a suburb of London.) She was the author of two cookbooks: Modern Cookery for Private Families (1845) The English Bread Book (1857) She grew up in Ipswich, Norwich, where her father, originally from Hasting, had moved to work as a partner in a wine and brewery business. Around 1817, at the age of 18, she and a friend opened their own boarding school just a bit south in Suffolk, where she worked for four years.
  • Eliza Leslie
    Eliza LeslieEliza Leslie lived from 16 November 1787 - 2 January 1858. She wrote both cookbooks and etiquette books.
  • Elizabeth Coleman White
    Biography iconElizabeth Coleman White was the first person to grow cultivated blueberries for commercial production. She teamed up with Dr Frederick V.
  • Elizabeth Craig
    Biography iconElizabeth Josephine Craig (16 February 1883 – 7 June 1980) wrote over 40 books. Most were cook books but some were household management books in the Enquire Within series.
  • Elizabeth David
    Biography iconElizabeth David was an English cookbook author. Her most known cookbook is her 1960 French Provincial Cookbook.
  • Elizabeth Raffald
    Elizabeth RaffaldElizabeth Raffald was the author of the 1769 book, The Experienced English Housekeeper. She provides 800 recipes written with such clear directions and quantities, that you can still cook from them today.
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