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  • Fannie Merritt Farmer
    Biography iconFannie Merritt Farmer wrote one of America's definitive cookbooks, and created standardized North American measurements. [1] A feisty red-head who never married at a time when women were encourage to do just that and stay home, she not only got out and made a career for herself, and a name in history, but did all this despite a handicap which came to her early in life.
  • Fannie Merritt Farmer School
    Fannie Merritt Farmer SchoolFannie Merritt Farmer (1857–1915) opened her famous Boston cooking school on this date, 23 August, in 1902. Fannie managed the Boston Cooking School from 1891 to 1902.
  • Fanny Cradock
    Fanny CradockFanny was one of the first, and most original, celebrity TV food personalities ever. Descriptions of her range from charmingly bizarre to camp to imperious battleaxe.
  • Francois Pierre de la Varenne
    Biography iconFrancois Pierre de la Varenne was a French chef who practised in the first half of the 1600s. Varenne established the foundation for what would became one of the basics of French cooking: to complement, and not to hide or imitate flavour.
  • Francois Vatel
    Biography iconFrancois Vatel is known as the great French chef [1] who killed himself on the morning of the 24th of April 1671 at Chantilly, France over a food delivery that went wrong. Francois was born Fritz Karl Watel in Switzerland, the son of Charles Frédéric Watel, an ordinary worker (the name Watel is still common in Zurich.) His birthdate is disputed: dates suggested are 1625, 1631 or 1635.
  • François Latry
    François LatryFrançois Latry was maître chef at the Savoy Hotel in London for 23 years, from 1919 to 1942. Today, he is remembered particularly for the Second World War rationing recipes he helped create for Lord Woolton at the Ministry of Food, particularly the one named Woolton Pie.
  • Fulvius Lippinus
    Biography iconQuintus Fulvius Lippinus (aka Fulvius Hirpinus) was a Roman who lived around the middle of the first century BC in the formerly Estruscan areas of Italy. He is remembered for his development of farming methods, particularly his method of farming and fattening edible water snails.
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