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  • Harold McGee
    Biography iconMany times we simply do as we're told when working in a kitchen, because the person or source telling us to do it has more experience. Harold McGee, though, was the saucy child who through wondering why found that scientific evidence didn't always back up these just do it orders.
  • Harriet Anne de Salis
    Harriet Anne de SalisVery little has been written about the personal, or professional, life of Harriet Anne de Salis (23 January 1829 - 18 April 1908), who often published under the name of Mrs de Salis. She was a very well-selling English cookbook and household management author at the end of the Victorian age -- the Gilded Age, as some call it.
  • Harumi Kurihara
    Biography iconHarumi Kurihara is a celebrity TV homemaker in Japan, and the author of around 40 cookbooks, with 15 million in sales (as of 2009.) She is not a chef, but a home cook, whose advice includes the presentation of food down to setting tables, and arranging flowers -- presentation of food still being an important aspect to Japanese cooking. Her fans are known as Haru-ra.
  • Henri Charpentier
    Henri CharpentierHenri Charpentier was a French chef who lived in America, and who every year, received (and looked forward to) a Christmas card from Britain's Royal Family. Henri was more a chef (in the true sense of leader) or restaurateur than a cook, usually having people work for him, with him looking after overall direction, and the customers.
  • Henry John Heinz
    Henry John HeinzHenry John Heinz founded a empire of commercially-prepared foods. Such products provided convenience to housewives, who previously had to make all their home products from scratch.
  • Hermitage Restaurant
    Hermitage RestaurantThe Hermitage Restaurant was a famous restaurant in Moscow, operating in Moscow for 53 years, from 1864 to 1917. It was located in a building, which is still extant, at the corner of Petrovsky Boulevard and Neglinnoj Street on Trubnaya Square (Trubnaya Ploshchad.) The building now (as of 2009) houses the Moscow School of Modern Drama Theatre.
  • Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
    Biography iconHugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is an English food personality and writer who seems to embody many of the food trends that were popular at the turn of the 21st century. In fact, for him, food at times seems more political than it does seem to be about food itself.
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