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  • Paul Blangé
    Biography iconPaul Blangé (1900 to 1977) was the Executive Chef at Brennan's Restaurant at 417 Royal Street in New Orleans starting in 1946, working for Owen Edward Brennan Sr. He created Bananas Foster, Eggs Hussarde and Chicken Pontalba at Brennan's, and was a regular for years on the Midday programme on WDSU TV.
  • Peek Freans
    Peek FreansPeek Freans is a brand of cookies. In the UK, the brand name is owned by United Biscuits, though they aren't presently using it as of 2010.
  • Philip Harben
    Philip HarbenPhilip Harben had the first television cooking programme in the world. The programme started in 1946 on the BBC.
  • Pierre Blot
    Pierre BlotFor a brief period, Pierre Blot was perhaps America's first celebrity chef. He styled himself Professor of Gastronomy.
  • Pierre Pérignon
    Biography iconPierre Pérignon is the man better known today as Dom Pérignon of Champagne fame. Sadly, much of the information that is written about him in material for marketing is just that -- marketing myths.
  • Pillsbury Bake-Offs
    Pillsbury Bake-OffsThe Triple-Crown of American cooking contests consist of the National Chicken Cooking Contest, the National Beef Cook-Off, and the Pillsbury Bake-Off. The Pillsbury Bake-Off contest started in 1949, and until 1976 was held annually.
  • Platina
    Biography iconPlatina was an Italian Renaissance writer now known in the food world for his cookbook written in Latin, Concerning Honest Pleasure and Well-Being (De honesta voluptate et valetudine.) The word honesta in the title has long been translated as honest, but it would perhaps be better translated as wholesome. Outside the food world, he is best known for another book of his, Lives of the Popes.
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