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Blade Pot Roast
A blade roast is a joint of beef, cut from the chuck of the animal. The chuck area is the spot behind the shoulder blades next to the "rib area."

It may be sold bone-in (there will be a blade-shaped bone at the top), or boned.

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Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad was invented in 1924 in Tijuana, Mexico, by a man named Caesar Cardini who ran the restaurant and night club called "Caesar's Place." At the time, Tijuana was a hotbed for nightclubs and eating out, being just across the Mexican border -- a border which during the 1920s meant that on one side you could get alcohol, on the other (the American side) you couldn't.

Caesar's version used Romano cheese (instead of Parmesan, which we now do), 1-minute coddled eggs (instead of raw egg yolk), and whole romaine heart leaves, which he meant people to eat with their fingers. He also used lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and croutons, as we do now. Worcestershire sauce and anchovies, though now considered "traditional" in most versions, were not a part of Caesar's original version, making their appearance around 20 years later in the 1940s.

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Bon mots

"Liqueurs were not lacking; but the coffee especially deserves mention. It was as clear as crystal, aromatic and wonderfully hot; but, above all, it was not handed around in those wretched vessels called cups on the left banks of the Seine, but in beautiful and capacious bowls, into which the thick lips of the reverend fathers plunged, engulfing the refreshing beverage with a noise that would have done honor to sperm-whales before a storm."

-- Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (French food writer. 1 April 1755 - 2 February 1826)

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    The Third Saturday in April is celebrated as Damson Day in the Lyth Valley in Cumbria, England, sponsored by the Westmorland Damson Association (established 1996.) At this time of year there, the damson plum trees are in bloom (particularly the locally-favoured damsons, called Witherslack damsons.) Various growers sell products made from damsons such as ice cream, wine, pickles, pies, tarts, ca

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