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Chile Flakes
Chile Flakes are dried chiles that are crushed into flakes. The flakes are usually red, but don't have to be red -- they can be made from green chiles such as jalapeno.

Commercially, the producer may filter seeds out after grinding, or they may leave them and the membranes in, to make it hotter (or cheaper.) In higher quality flakes, the stems, seeds and white membranes are removed.

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Today's Lunchtime Learning

Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon is an American term for a lean cut of cured back bacon.

The term is not actually used in Canada. Canadians don't call anything Canadian Bacon. They have four styles of bacon, according to the Government of Canada in its Standard Classification of Goods (SCG) 2000: Back Bacon, Smoked Back Bacon, Peameal Bacon and Side Bacon (the classification points out that Side Bacon is American style.)
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