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Did You Know?

The word "Ladle" can be used as a noun to indicate a kitchen implement, or it can be used as a verb, meaning to scoop up a liquid with a Ladle.

A Ladle consists of a long handle that has at the end of it an attachment that looks like a small bowl. It is used for scooping liquids, whether hot or cold. Some have broader bowls, some have deeper bowls. Some models have small spouts on one or both sides to help with more accurately pouring the contents out. Most are made of stainless steel, or plastic; ones made out of copper are now rare.

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Today's Lunchtime Learning

Zucchini (Courgettes) are a member of the squash family. They are classified as summer squash.

Zucchini don't really have any flavour by themselves; everything hinges on their getting flavour from how you cook them. When people write: "Zucchini's mild flavour combines well with other flavours", that's code for "not interesting in the least on their own."

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