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TV Dinners
TV Dinners are a frozen meal in a tray. The meal generally consists of a meat, a potato and a veg, which arguably can be said to be a balanced meal.

The tray has compartments, to keep each of the food items separate, which is part of the meal's appeal. Even people who don't realize how much they like having the food separate will, upon opening it and finding a stray frozen pea that made its way over to the frozen potato compartment, may find themselves pushing it back with finger or fork into its proper place before heating the meal.

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Today's Lunchtime Learning

Oats are an annual cereal plant, like wheat. They are very cold-tolerant, and so can be sown each spring as soon as the plough can cut into the soil. Oats are such energetic plants that they will even choke out most weeds that try to take hold amongst them. The plants will grow about 30 inches (75 cm) tall, with each plant producing several stalks of grain heads.

Oats, however, are one of the harder grains to process because the kernels are protected by two inedible, tough husks that take seriously their job of clinging to the kernel. When an Oat is husked, the kernel that remains is called the "groat." The bran is normally left on the kernel.
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