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The traditional purpose of Cheesecloth was to wrap cheese in, as the name in English implies.

It is a cotton cloth made in a loose weave. There are fine and coarse versions, though when the weave gets very fine, the line between Cheesecloth and Butter Muslin starts to blur. You can get it bleached and unbleached .

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Today's Lunchtime Learning

Maldon Salt
Maldon Salt is an English sea-salt. It comes in large, thin, uneven, crunchy salt flakes that have a very clean, pure salt taste.

It is meant to be a finishing salt, used at the table in small amounts, rather than in cooking. You might be tempted to want to put it in a salt mill, but this is ideal salt for a salt cellar or salt pig. Just put out a small dish of it on the table, and let guests get pinches of it for themselves.
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Bon mots

"To barbecue is a way of life rather than a desirable method of cooking."

-- Clement Freud (24 April 1924 - )

Food Calendar

A calendar tracking what happens when in the world of food.
  • food day iconIdus Februarias (Today)
    Idus Februarias, a Roman holiday, falls on what is now the 13th of February in our modern Gregorian calendar. The Ides were a religious festival that actually went on for 9 days, from the 13th through to the 21st February inclusive.
  • food day iconTortini Day (Today)
    13th of February is marked by some as Tortini Day to celebrate the Italian desserts called Tortini. But, given that a Tortino (the singular) can be anything from a cupcake to a small, savoury quiche-like pie, you can pretty much treat yourself to whatever you like that fits in that range today -- after all, whoever proclaimed the day didn't specify which tortini.

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