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Today's Lunchtime Article: Hass Avocado
Hass Avocado
The Hass Avocado has rough, medium-thick skin that turns from green to purplish black as the avocado matures. The darker the skin, the riper this avocado is. The skin peels off easily. The tough skin helps protect the fruit during shipping, and the darkness helps to mask any blemishes.

Inside, the avocado has a medium-sized stone, and pale green flesh that is very low in fibre.

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Did You Know?
Red Kidney Beans
These are red-coloured, 1/2 inch long beans (1 cm) shaped slightly like a kidney (they are actually more maroon coloured than red.) Their skin colour is solid with no markings. They cook up to a full-flavoured, smooth texture.

There are also White Kidney Beans, which have a milder flavour. The white ones are also known as Cannellini Beans.
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