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Dairy is a category of milk and milk products made from the milk of cows, sheep and goats.

In some parts of the world, milk from other milk-producing animals may be included.
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Today's Lunchtime Learning

Edible Chestnuts mostly come from the Castanea Chestnut tree. They are not related to horse Chestnuts or water Chestnuts. In English, this tree is often referred to as the "Spanish Chestnut" tree. The North American tree that produces edible Chestnuts is sometimes referred to as the "Sweet Chestnut" tree. There is also an Asian Chestnut tree that produces edible Chestnuts. Edible Chestnuts are also called sometimes "Sweet Chestnuts."

Chestnut trees, to produce effectively, have to be managed like orchards. You need other Chestnut trees nearby for pollination. Each tree will put out male and female flowers, but they tend to pollinate only with flowers from another tree. The trees have to be tended. The best Chestnuts come from trees that are grafted. The trees start producing nuts when they are 15 years old, and get into their production prime when they hit 50 years old. The European Castanea trees won't grow much further north than Brittany in France. The trees can also be grown for their wood.

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