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Food Calendar
food-calendar-icon A calendar of food days tracking what happens when in the world of food.
  • food day iconBavarian Beer Purity Law Day (Today)
    The Bavarian Beer Purity Law is a law that governs what ingredients can be used for beer made in Germany. Many alcohol aficionados, particularly beer enthusiasts, will know about this already.
  • food day iconPeppercorn Ceremony (Today)
    The Peppercorn Ceremony is held in St George, Bermuda on the Wednesday nearest St George's Day, 23rd April. The ceremony, full of pomp and circumstance, is held in King's Square in front of the limestone-block State House, starting around 11 in the morning.
  • food day iconShakespeare's Birthday (Today)
    William Shakespeare was born on this day, the 23rd April, in 1564 . On this same date in 1616, 52 years later, he would also die.
  • food day iconSt George's Day (Today)
    St George is the Patron saint of England. His flag is a red cross on a white background.
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"Who bothers to cook TV dinners? I suck them frozen."

-- Woody Allen (1 December 1935 - )
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