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Fougasse is a term that is used to refer to three different types of flat bread.

The best-known type is made in Provence, France, and is similar to Italian focaccia.

The dough is made from flour, salt, water, yeast and olive oil. It can be formed into shapes such as a leaf, tree or stalk of wheat, or slashed so that when baked it's easy to pull pieces off. Before baking, the dough is sprinkled with chopped herbs.

Fougasse is sold in bakeries.

There are typically five versions of Provençal Fougasse that vary in flavour:

Fougasse à l'anchois
With anchovy paste.
Fougasse aux fromage
With gruyère cheese.
Fougasse aux gratillons
With pork cracklings.
Fougasse aux olives noires
With pitted black olives.
Pompe à l'huile
Brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with icing sugar. Served at Christmas dinner.

A second type of Fougasse is made in Angers, France, and is a chewier bread, made from flour, salt, water and yeast. It is baked at a very hot temperature, so that it puffs up a lot, then collapses somewhat, and browns. It comes out very crisp on the bottom.

A third type of Fougasse is made in Venice, Italy, as a sweet version of focaccia.



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