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Fresh Sausages

Fresh Sausages

Fresh Sausages
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Fresh Sausages are sausages that need to be treated as uncooked, requiring cooking before consumption.

Sausages that are cooked before sale, but that need cooking or reheating (for example, knockwurst and wieners) get included in this category.

Also included are raw sausages that may be lightly smoked, and frozen sausages that were frozen fresh and still require cooking when thawed.

Sausages in this category can be made from any type of meat, even fish.

Cooking Tips

Cook Fresh Sausages over slow heat so that their interior comes to the right temperature for the particular meat they are made from.

Cooking methods include steaming, simmering in water, pan-frying, grilling, or baking.

Some people like to simmer sausages in beer, or add onion to the simmering water. Most people just use plain tapwater. When simmering sausages, don't boil or they may split open on you.

As for frying, most Fresh Sausages are made so lean these days that you may well have to add (irony of ironies) fat such as oil to the frying pan.

However the sausages are cooked, don't poke them with a fork while cooking or all the juices will run out. Use tongs instead to turn them.

Fresh Sausages are best cooked just before serving. They are usually meant to be served warm.

Storage Hints

Fresh Sausages require refrigeration or freezing. Even when refrigerated, they have a short shelf life. They are best used or frozen within three days.

They need refrigeration after cooking, too, if there are any leftovers.


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Fresh Sausages

Andouille Sausage; Andouillette; Boudin Blanc à l’Oignon; Boudin Blanc Creole; Boudin Blanc; Boudin Vert; Bratwurst Sausage; Brühwurst Sausages; Chaurice; Chipolatas; Chorizo (Mexican); Cotechino; Cumberland Sausage; Dampfwurst Sausages; Deerfoot Sausages; Fresh Sausages; Lincolnshire Sausage; Luganega Sausage; Medisterpolse Sausage; Merguez Sausage; Pan Sausage; Potato Korv; Texas Hot Gut Sausages; White Hots; Wieners; Zwyczajna Sausage

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Also called:

Salchichas frescas (Spanish)


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