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Fruit Drink

A Fruit Drink may be called a beverage, cocktail, or a punch.

A Fruit Drink is a beverage with a low content of actual fruit juice in it. Most jurisdictions, though, have legal minimums that must be met for the beverage to still refer to itself as a "Fruit" something.
    • Australia: 5% minimum juice
    • Canada: no minimum level of juice
    • New Zealand: 5% minimum juice
    • UK: 5% minimum juice
    • US: 10% minimum juice


Most Fruit Drinks are quite high in added sugar.


Juice with water added.


Aguamiel; Apple Juice; Bug Juice; Cranberry Juice; Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate; Fruit Drink; Grape Juice; Juice Apples; Juice; Lemon Juice; Lime Juice; Mock Orange Juice; Nectars; Olive Juice; Orange Juice; Pickle Juice; Pineapple Juice; Pomegranate Juice; Sparkling Juices; Tomato Juice; V8 Juice; Yuzu Juice

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