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Furutsu Naifu Knives

"Furutsu naifu" is the Japanese pronunciation of "fruit knife" in English, used to describe a small knife made and sold in Japan.

These small inexpensive knives, about the size of paring knives, have a wooden handle and a wooden sheath that slides onto making them safely portable.

Consequently, Furutsu Naifu Knives can be used for eating fruit on the run during the day, etc.

Japanese Knives

Bunka Bocho Knives; Deba Bocho Knives; Fugu Hiki Knives; Furutsu Naifu Knives; Gyoto Knives; Japanese Knives; Kazari Bocho Knives; Nakiri Hocho Knives; Oroshi Knives; Petty Knives; Santoku; Soba Kiri Cleavers; Unagisaki Hocho Knives; Usuba Bocho Knives; Yasai Bocho Knives

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Also called:

Furutsu Naifu (Japanese)


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