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Galvaude is a version of poutine, a gravy and potato dish made in Québec.

It consists of French Fries, with gravy on them, topped with chopped or shredded cooked chicken and cooked green garden peas.

Some versions, such as that made by Chez Claudette on Laurier Street in Montreal, also add white cheddar cheese curds to the topping. Other versions, such as that made by the Ashton's chain, leave the cheese off.

Both versions are meant to be served piping hot.

Galvaude is actually quite pricey; at the Ashton fast-food chain in Quebec it costs 8.00 CDN (2009 prices.)

To order one, even though it is a version of poutine, you don't say "poutine galvaude," you just say "galvaude."

Language Notes

"Galvauder" in French means to mess something up.

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Cheese Fries; Chesapeake Fries; Disco Fries; French Fries; Galvaude; Gravy Fries; Pont Neuf Potatoes; Poutine Québécoise

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