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Garlic Peeler

Garlic Peeler

Garlic Peeler
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A Garlic Peeler is a kitchen tool, intended to speed the process of peeling cloves of garlic.

The most common design is that of a ridged rubber tube. You put an unpeeled garlic clove inside, press down with the palm of your hand on the tube, and roll it. The skin on the clove is meant to be rubbed right off. These designs are usually dishwasher safe. Some silicone ones are made in the shape of a bulb of garlic, and work with the same press and roll technique.

There are also electric ones. You put a lot of unpeeled cloves at once into the machine. When you press a button, they get agitated and rub around inside up against a grate which rubs off the skin. Some users have reported that clean-up of such machines can be fiddly, and that bits of skin can get left on the cloves.

Many people find the Garlic Peelers they have tried so far don't work, are fiddly to use and just prolong the job of peeling cloves of garlic.

Cooking Tips

Take a whole, unpeeled clove of Garlic and lay it on a cutting board. Take a broad-bladed knife or cleaver, lay it sideways on the clove and pound it once with your fist. The skin will easily pull away.

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