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Gazpacho Day

6 December

Lord knows at times who picks these days. Our traditional concept of Gazpacho involves tomatoes, and tomatoes certainly aren't at their best or cheapest at this time of the year anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

Plus, with the sleet, cold rain or snow starting to come in sideways, you'd probably be more tempted by a Beef and Guinness Pot Pie covered in a pastry crust rather than a chilled vegetable soup.

But never mind, Gazpacho Day it is, and it probably wouldn't hurt to get at least one light and lively -- and all that -- meal in before the weeks ahead of heavy overeating begin in earnest.

If the thought of making Gazpacho from the tomatoes you've been seeing lately doesn't tempt you, remember that our traditional concept of Gazpacho -- with tomatoes -- is just that, our traditional concept. Recipes for White Gazpachos and Green Gazpachos are actually far more traditional, and don't use tomatoes at all.

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