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A Girdle is like a griddle, in that it's a flat cooking surface, but instead of being set on top of the heat source, it's hung over the heat source by a long, linked metal chain.

It is usually made of iron, and usually round.

It was used for "baking" items such as bannock. You cook the items on it, as you would a pancake.

It was used particularly in Scotland.

A maker of one was called either a "Girdilmaker", "Girdler" or "Girdlesmith."

Literature & Lore

"Wi’ butter’d bannocks now the girdle reeks..."

-- Robert Fergusson (1750-1774)


Baking Mats; Baking Stones; Blowtorches; Bread Machines; Caja China; Cast Aluminum; Cookware; Cooling Racks; CorningWare; Frying Pans; Girdle; Heat Diffuser; Non-Electrical Rotisseries; Pans; Pie Plates; Pie Racks; Pizza Stones; Pizzelle Iron; Pots; Pyrex; Ramekins; Tassie Cups; Waffle Iron; Wok

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