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Gravy Ladles

Gravy Ladles

Gravy Ladles
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Gravy Ladles are small ladles for use at the table, meant to rest in a gravy boat.

They have largish bowls at the end of their handles: you scoop up some gravy from the gravy boat, and pour gravy from the bowl of the spoon onto the food on your splat.

Some may have spouts on one or both sides to ease pouring of sauce from the bowl of the ladle. Capacity of the bowl can vary, usually from 1 to 4 oz (30 to 120 ml.)

The ladles are usually silver but can also be stainless. The handle may be made simple, or elaborately designed to match the rest of a silver utensils set.

Gravy Ladles can be pressed into service for all kinds of sauces, not just gravy, that guests might take in large quantity.

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Also called:

Soßenkellen (German)


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