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Green Olives

Green Olives

Green Olives
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Almost all olives start off green -- and will darken to purplish or black if left to ripen on the tree.

Olives intended to be used as green table olives can be harvested earlier than black olives. In some parts of the world, such as Greece, green olives can be harvested starting in September, while harvesting of black olives takes place later, from October to February. The earlier harvest means that producers can "cash in" on their crops earlier. Allowing time for curing and pickling, green olives can be ready to consume or sell within 6 weeks after harvest.

Green olives are generally firmer, tarter and fresher-tasting than black olives after curing.

Green Olives

Agrinion Olives; Al Koura Olives; Alcaparrado Olives; Amfissa Olives; Arauco Olives; Arbequina Olives; Ascolane Olives; Green Atalanti Olives; Green Olives; Halkidiki Olives; Ionian Olives; Kadesh Olives; Lebanese Green Olives; Lucques Olives; Megaritiki Olives; Moroccan Green Olives; Nocellara del Belice Olives; Nocellara Messinese Olives; Paragon Olives; Picholine Olives; Picudo Olives; Provençal Olives; Santa Caterina Olives; Tailladées Olives; Tonda Iblea Olives; Tsakiste Olives; Vallée des Baux Cracked Olives

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Also called:

Olives vertes (French); Grüne Oliven (German); Olive verdi (Italian); Aceitunas verdes (Spanish)


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