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Guijuelo Ham

Guijuelo Ham is made in the southeastern part of Salamanca province, Spain on the Portuguese border, in the area just above where Dehesa de Extremadura Hams are made.

It is sweet tasting with a bit of saltiness.

It is made from Iberian pigs.

Hams with a red band are from "bellota" pigs that were allowed to forage for acorns; hams with a yellow band are from "de recebo" pigs that were fed grain.

The sale weight of a whole ham will be a minimum 9 pounds (4 kg.)

A well-known brand is "Joselito."

The ham received its Spanish "Denominación de Origen" ("Denomination of Origin") in 1986.

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Also called:

Jamón de Guijuelo (Spanish)


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