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Gum Syrup

Gum Syrup is increasingly confused with "Simple Syrup" (aka "Sugar Syrup.")

Gum Syrup is Simple Syrup, but with gum Arabic added.

This addition helps to keep the sugar in suspension, while adding a silky, smoother quality to the syrup. About 100g of gum Arabic is used per litre of syrup.

Some manufacturers now use glycerin instead of gum Arabic.

The syrup is often flavoured.


Agave Syrup; Almond Syrup; Barley Malt Syrup; Birch Syrup; Black Treacle; Brown Rice Syrup; Cane Syrup; Chocolate Syrup; Coconut Syrup; Cordials; Corn Syrup; Fig Syrup; Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Flavor Syrup; Golden Syrup; Gum Syrup; Khus Syrup; Maple Syrup; Nectar Syrup; Orgeade; Orgeat Syrup; Pancake Syrup; Rock Candy Syrup; Rose Syrup; Stages of Cooked Sugar Syrups for Candy - Temperature Guide; Sugar Syrup; Swedish Light Syrup; Syrups; Violet Syrup

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Also called:

Gomme Syrup; Sirop de gomme (French); Sciroppo di gomma (Italian); Jarabe de goma (Spanish)


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