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Gyoto Knives

Gyoto Knives have a long blade on them. They are close in shape and size to a French chef knife, but with a cutting surface that curves up towards the nose.

They are used to cut thin slices of meat and fish.

Don't use a Gyoto Knife on meats with bones in them, or on frozen foods, or for any kind of prying.

Language Notes

"Gyoto" means "cow sword".

Japanese Knives

Bunka Bocho Knives; Deba Bocho Knives; Fugu Hiki Knives; Furutsu Naifu Knives; Gyoto Knives; Japanese Knives; Kazari Bocho Knives; Nakiri Hocho Knives; Oroshi Knives; Petty Knives; Santoku; Soba Kiri Cleavers; Unagisaki Hocho Knives; Usuba Bocho Knives; Yasai Bocho Knives

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Also called:

Gyuto Kochmesser (German); Gyoto hocho (Japanese)


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