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Hawaiian Red Alae Salt

Hawaiian Red Alae Salt is from the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Natives call it Alae Pa'akai. It is another popular Foodie salt (as of 2004.)

Salt water is evaporated in rock pools, whose rock contains iron oxide (FeO2), resulting in large crystals of salt that have a russet or burnt-siena colour to them.

These days, to meet the demand, clay with iron oxide in it is often just mixed into the salt to gives it its colour. This isn't as nice, however, as it gives the salt a bit too much of a harsh iron taste.

Cooking Tips

Use as a finishing salt.

Language Notes

Also spelt "Alaea Salt."

See also:

Sea Salt

Fleur de Sel; Hawaiian Black Lava Salt; Hawaiian Red Alae Salt; Maldon Salt; Sea Salt; Sel Gris

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Also called:

Hawaiian Pink Salt


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