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Homemade Bread Day

17 November

If Homemade Bread Day happens to fall on a work day, it can be tricky to manage making bread in between doing everything else.

If you work from a home office, or are a stay at home person, then you can perhaps manage making bread by hand if it's a slow day. Otherwise, it can be a bit tricky to tell your boss you can't make it into work today day because you have to stay at home to knead your bread dough.

There are a few ways out of this conundrum. First, Homemade Bread Day doesn't actually mean made at "your home." Perhaps you have a nice neighbour who's celebrating the day, and who will be at home, who will be kind enough to gift you with a loaf. Or, if you have a bread machine, you're laughing. Plop the ingredients in the machine, set the timer for it to be ready just after you get home from work, and you'll come home to the smell of homemade bread. Or, you can pick up a fresh loaf from a bakery or in-store bakery.

Failing that, if you feel that to truly honour the holiday it has to be bread that you've made in your own home, but you don't have a bread machine and you have to work that day, there's nothing that says it has to be "yeast-rised bread." Quick breads are breads, too -- you could make baking powder biscuits, or Irish Soda Bread in the evening when you get home from work.

Or if you want to do something different, make fry bread instead.

Or, honour the day in other ways. If you're a teacher, you may wish to do an activity with children showing them how wheat is ground into flour, or showing them how yeast works. You may wish to visit a bakery, and get to know the people there.

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