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Honeyball Melons

Honeyball Melons are round, with cream-coloured skin with patches of netting. On ripe ones, the skin will have some slight give to it.

Inside, there is a small seed cavity, and orange flesh.

The flesh taste and consistency is just like that of a honeydew melon.


1 slice, unpeeled, that is about 1/10th of the melon = 3 oz = 85g
1/2 cup fresh, peeled pieces about 1 inch / 2.5cm in size = 2.5 oz = 70g

History Notes

Honeyball Melons were developed jointly by the University of California in Davis, California and the USDA's Horticultural Field Station in La Jolla, California, from a cross between Weavers Special and Hale's Best melons.

Released 1942.

Cantaloupe Melons

Blue Ridge Melons; Butterscotch Melons; Cantaloupe Melons; Hale's Best Jumbo Cantaloupe Melons; Honeyball Melons; Montreal Melons; Noir des Carmes Melons

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