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HTST Pasteurization

HTST pasteurization means that the item being pasteurized is exposed to a "High Temperature" for a "Short Time"; thus, the "HTST" moniker.

Generally, the item is exposed to heat of 160 to 165 F (71 to 74 C) for 10 to 20 seconds.

HTST will give a milk product a shelf life of 18 to 20 days.

Though UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) Pasteurization at 280 F (137 C) can extend the shelf-life of Milk products up to 55 days, many prefer HTST pasteurization, because even with its shorter shelf life, they feel the taste of the product is less affected.

HTST is also used for non-alcoholic apple cider, fruit juices, etc.

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HTST Pasteurization; Micro-Filtered Milk; Pasteurization; Thermalize; UHT Pasteurization

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Also called:

Pasteurisation H.T.S.T. (French)


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