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Irish Peach Apple

The Irish Peach Apple is a round, slightly flattened, fresh-eating apple.

It has smooth, thin skin that is pale yellow or yellowish-green with stripes of a darker red with some flecks of dull-grey russeting. The side that gets the sun will develop dull red or brownish-red flushes.

The crisp, juicy flesh inside is white or greenish-white with light yellow veining, and is very fragrant.

The tree produces blossoms that are white tinged with pink, and red on the back. The fruit ripens in early August.

Cooking Tips

If cooking, bear in mind that not much of its mild taste and fragrance will survive, so perhaps serve cooked with a mild-tasting meat.

Storage Hints

Irish Peach Apples do not store well. They become soft and dry in storage.

History Notes

Thought to have originated in County Sligo, at Longford House, possibly as early as the late 1500s.

The apple was first documented in 1812 in a Country Antrim survey. It was sent in 1820 to the Royal Horticultural Society in London. It became a very popular variety with the Victorians and Edwardians in England. Ireland exported these apples to England in the 1800s. Introduced into America in 1820.

It was first named "Crofton" after the Crofton Family who lived at Longford House; for export to England, it was renamed Irish Peach.

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Also called:

Early Crofton


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