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Jefferis Apples

Jefferis are small to medium-sized apples.

They have thick, waxy, translucent yellow skin with dark reddish-orange flushes.

Inside, they have tender, yellowish-white flesh is crisp and juicy. The flavour is reminiscent of pear.

The tree is a reliable bearer. The apples ripen in mid-September, and mature over a period of several weeks.

Cooking Tips

For fresh-eating.

History Notes

Jefferis Apples originated, reputedly, in Chester County, Pennsylvania in the 1840s from a chance seedling on a farm belonging to an Isaac Jefferis.

The apple was recognized in 1848 at a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society show as the best seedling apple in the show.

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Also called:

Everbearing Apples; Grantham Apples; Jefferis Red Apples


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