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Jelly Bean Day

Assorted Jelly Beans

Assorted Jelly Beans
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22 April

The 22nd of April is Jelly Bean Day.

The question in most people's minds is, though, is why on earth is it so close to Easter in some years? Who needs any more sugar at this time of year?

Maybe it's a reminder to include Jelly Beans in your Easter Candy, or a second chance to get some if your Easter Candy didn't include any -- but this is already the biggest selling time of the year for jelly beans as it is.

Things you might wish to do today include:

    • Hold a jelly bean count at work, announcing the results at the end of the day;
    • Wear a shirt, trousers or dress in the colour of your favourite jelly bean;
    • Present a bag of Jelly Beans to your favourite bean counter at work.

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