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Jelly Roll Pans

Jelly Roll Pans are about the size of a large rimmed cookie sheet, except the edges are higher -- about 1 inch (2 1/2 cm) tall. They are used to make a big, shallow sponge cake that is then rolled up to make a jelly roll (aka Swiss Roll.)

They can also be used for "tray bakes" to make bars of cookies, or layers for a large layer cake.

A normal size is 9 inches by 15 inches (23 x 38 cm.) A 12 by 18 inch (30 by 45 cm) size is referred to by bakers as a "half-slab."

To use for a jelly roll, follow your recipe's instructions on how to prepare the pan (e.g. grease, grease and flour, line with paper, etc.) Pour the batter in, and bake, then let cool a bit.

Then, roll up the layer of sponge in a thin, flat slab. You need to roll it while the cake is still relatively warm, so it is pliable.

Cake Pans

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