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Karmijn de Sonnaville Apples

Karmijn de Sonnaville are large-sized apples. The shape varies, but they are generally roundish, but slightly-flattened.

They have rough yellowish-green skin flushed with orangey or brownish-red, with some russetting around the bottom.

Inside, they have off-white flesh that is crisp, juicy, aromatic, and somewhat coarse, with a very good strong apple flavour. The flavour is a good balance of sweet and tart, getting less tangy after some storage.

In the spring, the tree blossoms with large, ornamental flowers.

The fruit does best in moderate summer temperatures.

Cooking Tips

For fresh-eating and juice.

History Notes

Karmijn de Sonnaville Apples were developed from a cross between Jonathan (or Belle de Boskoop) and Cox's Orange Pippin apples, done in 1949 in Puiflijk and Altforst (near Nijmegen), the Netherlands. The cross was done by Piet de Sonnaville.

Released 1971.

Juice Apples

Anaros Crab Apples; Apple Juice; Gascoyne's Scarlet Apples; Juice Apples; Juice; Karmijn de Sonnaville Apples; Lady Apple; Moira Apple; Novamac Apple; Ontario Apples; Pitmaston Pineapple Apples; Red Falstaff Apple; Rescue Applecrabs; Saturn Apples; Sweet Alford Apples; Tom Putt Apples; Trailman Applecrabs; Wealthy Apple; Winesap Apples

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